Jelita Keluaran April 2014

Jelita Keluaran April 2014

Buku Variasi Roti Februari 2014

Buku Variasi Roti Februari 2014

Al Hijrah Shooting 2011

Al Hijrah Shooting 2011
Agent Halal Biskut Halal

Amida-Homemade-Bakery Gallery

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Our Menu List

Amida-Homemade-Bakery Menu List

You can order via email by copy paste this info below send to or click here for ORDER FORM or go to the end of bottom page.

i) small order below 100pcs (place an order 1 wk in advance)
ii) bulk order 200pcs (place an order 2 weeks in advane)
iii) order 500pcs (place an order 1 month in advance)

Last minutes order at least 3 days in advance or depend on my avaibility

Contact Number
Email address
Pick up date & pick up time

Theme Occasions
Birthday/Annivesary/Baby Shower/Graduation/Thank you/Farewell/Enggagement/Wedding/Gathering I'm sorry

Types of Order Cakes
Cupcakes/Muffin/Bread/Cookies/Creampuff/Other (pls specify)

For Cakes
other (pls specify)

Cakes,Cupcakes,Muffin (size)
Paper cups (S)
Paper cups (M)
Paper cups (L)
Souffle Cups (S)
Souffle Cups (M)
Souffle Cupcs (L)
Cake 1kg
Cake 2kg
Cake 3kg

16pcs (L papercup)
25pcs (S papercup)
25pcs (M papercup)
25pcs (L papercup)
50pcs (M papercup)

16pcs (L souffle cups)
25pcs (S souffle cups)
50pcs (S souffle cups)
25pcs (M souffle cups)
50pcs (M souffle cups)

Cakes/Cupcakes/Muffin Flavour
Russian Black n White
Red Velvet
Carrot walnut
Chocolate moist
Chocolate chips
Pandan Layer Cake
sponge cake chocolate/pandan/strawberry/vanilla/orange
Marble Brownies

Type of Topping/Frosting
Choc Ganache
Buttercream & Fondant

For Breads & Bakery product
Red Bean Bun
Kaya Bun
Red Bean Pau
Kaya Pau
Spicy Ikan Bilis
Potatoes Bun
Cheese Bun
Chocolate Bun
Mexican Bun
Cinnamon Rolls

Bread Quantity
6pcs/1 pax
other (pls specify)

Malaysian Dish
Nasi Tomato/(Tomato Rice)
Nasi Ayam/(Chicken Rice)
Nasi Lemak/(Coconut Steam Rice)
Bihun Sup/(Chicken Meehon Soup)
Mee Bandung/(Spicy Noodles Prawn&Squid)
Kuih Cara Berlauk/(spicy appertizer)
Kuih Cara Manis/(sweet appertizer)
Roti Jala/(Lace/Net pancake &curry gravy)

5 pax
10 pax
15 pax
20 pax
50 pax
15pcs kuih
30pcs kuih
15pcs rotijala
30pcs rotijala

Special Instructions/Theme/Design/Colours :

Wording/Write it message :

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