Jelita Keluaran April 2014

Jelita Keluaran April 2014

Buku Variasi Roti Februari 2014

Buku Variasi Roti Februari 2014

Al Hijrah Shooting 2011

Al Hijrah Shooting 2011
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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Oso Special Agent

photo credit to syigim ~ thanks for sharing


Order from my regular customer Syigim (Dubai Marina) for her son birthday. As usual her favorite cake, Carrot Walnut cake with cream cheese frosting + edible image OSO Theme.

Thanks for your support really appreciate it!

TESTIMONI CUSTOMER ~ cute, deco simple & lepak - really a cake for a boy! :D sedap tu xyah ckp la. always :) tu psl dah berkali2 pun xpenah tuka flavor cake! haha..

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Choc Moist Cake Edible Image

credit photo to Azian ~ thanks for sharing


Last minute order from Wan Azian (International City) for her daughter birthday. Alhamdulillah I managed to do it because on the same day I have also to bake another birthday cake.

She ordered Choc Moist Cake with Edible Image + pink & white theme for girls

Hope your daughter will like it :)

Thanks for your support!

TESTIMONI CUSTOMER ~ Thanks Fida, coz sudi amik order last the way..choc moist cake ni sedap..terasa moist dia..

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Basic Decorating Cupcakes Class 24-03-2011


Today, I conducted my 3rd Basic Cupcakes Decorating Class. Suppose to be 3 students but one of them last minutes has to cancel maybe she will join next class.

Mohaini from Umm Suqueim and Jamilah from DIFC. Both requested me to do on weekday as their kids at school.

We start at 9.30am and finish almost 2.45pm

They really enjoyed it the class. Thanks for your support ladies and I do appreciated both of them cleaning all my baking stuff


kak moi - really enjoyed the class.... thanks fida

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Basic Decorating Cupcakes Class 18-3-2011

my students

kak zaida with her creations
cute baby done by her

Eiyda with her creations

cute rose fondant :)

sue with her creations

like her elmo :)

yani with her creations
nice eyelish :)

my students in action!

making flower fondant

in the making for baby fondant
weight the batter


My 2nd Basic Decorating Class went out smoothly, Alhamdulillah :)
4 students this time, Kak Zaida from Mirdiff, Eiyda from Sharjah, Yani from Al Quoz and Sue from Arabian Ranches

we had enjoyed and had fun yesterday we start at 10am and finish almost at 4pm

Thanks ladies for your support!

Yani ~ Good class accompanied with 'Brawn Briyani'. Nicey...nicey...
Kak Zaida ~Really enjoy the workshop, alhamdulillaah Fida mmg sabar dgn students kecit yg menyepah rumah dia. Maaflah byk2 ye
Eiyda ~ Tq fida..itu hasil tunjuk ajar dr fida..suka sangat sbb sekarang dah pandai camne nak buat bunga ros tu :)
Sue ~ I learned a lof of method in your class

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